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Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #207: UMT Unbatz by Sandy Hunter, CZT

So, what shall I say about this tile, it's definitely not my favourite one. It's obvious for me because of the sphere in the middle. I'm not anymore sure, what I intended, but it's not how it should look. But you know what, it was relaxing to tangle away and not thinking about the outcome. That's Zentangle!
For the first time I filled the string with a light wash of colours before I started tangling. I think I will do this again, it looks quite nice.

By the way for Unbatz I drew first the little orbs and than the bows around them. For me this way it was easier to get a regular row.

Recently I finished this one. 
Somehow a pretty Lady found her way on to my paper. ;-)

6 Kommentare:

  1. Very pretty. I can't find the step-outs for Unbatz. It is not listed on Where can I find them? e-mail:

  2. Schöne Kachel mit Unbatz! Mit gefällt deine Unbatz-Variante, aber auch die sanften Farben und der feine Kontrast! Deine Lady ist wunderbar!

  3. I like your tile with the soft colors! The lady id done soooo very well.

  4. Those washes of color are very pretty...nicely done!

  5. I like the soft colors you used and your tangled hair is just fantastic!